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I was so pissed when I found out they took down your fics, but I'm glad you decided to repost even if its on another site. Hearts of Yandere AzureGigacyber. Suddenly Pyrrha and Nora were both emanating murderous aura when they saw how Rei vexed Jaune so easily. They're all willing to draw blood from each other if it meant getting Jaune to themselves, every girl he knows stalk after him relentlessly and seek to claim his heart completely, even that means repeatedly forcing themselves on him. And I believe that Ginny and Miss Rose are here. She telekinetically lifted him from the seat and rid him of his clothes causing him to squeak in embarrassment.

I'm being there to prevent her doing so.

Glynda then let out a slight hum as she turned towards the red haired girl, who was staring at the pavement with bright red cheeks. Though as the arm buddies waited for the airship to take off for Vale, Glynda felt a sharp wave of nervousness. And with that, only one thought crossed her mind. Jaune wanted to scream internally. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Staring at the individual stalls, an awkward tension began to settle around the two before Ruby broke the silence.

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