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It seemed that Jude Law had accidentally scooped his Inman from watching Forrest Gump too many times. I feel that sometimes we look to shield ourselves from violence so much that we forget how rough the world is. It was extremely offensive, and I pray that no one else will spend their money nor their-family-time to watch this movie. The rest of the cast, including Philip Seymour Hoffman in an over-the-top fun performance, is terrific. But the most shocking sex scene of all appears right before Innman and his preacher friend are caught by the deserter hunters.

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Negative —…a huge dissappointment.

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Cold mountain sex scene Hide And Go Freak

This is a good movie. The odyssey of Inman is so poorly done, it's embarrasing. Watching this, after reading some rave reviews, made me feel like the whole film industry reviewers included are in conspiracy. No surprise that it was overlooked in the Oscar nominations, or that it got no BAFTAs despite the huge number of nominations. But it's clean, and its cold. Inman, in a makeshift military hospital recovering from wounds, decides to go AWOL and rejoin Ada if he can. I needed an ambulance to get out of this one.

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cold mountain sex scene
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3 thoughts on “Cold mountain sex scene

  1. Says it in the title lol. Btw she did a scene with GDP n its pretty hot.

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